Hi there my name is Thomas Mbai and I’m a Web & Database Marketing Consultant currently focusing on organizations that want to Improve their websites designed to convince comparison shoppers that they are the better option; Driving more potential customers to their websites and Marketing to their marketing database to further client enrollment & retention. 

Quick Bio

I got my start with web applications while doing my internship at the Ministry of Immigration in 2009 where I built for them the Citizenship Management System and immediately got hooked on Web development. I however always found that I tended to obsess more over the interface design and user experience so after doing several development projects I decided to focus on just Web design.

After graduating from Egerton University in 2010 (Bsc. Computer Science), I decided to freelance and I worked with various companies & government departments mainly on web applications development & later on websites.


Am Working With…

Schools; Churches & NGO’s and helping them to enhance their brands online, standout from competitors & also generate more leads & with their marketing database.


Articles To Get You Started

I’ve recently published a few articles to help get you learn the mistakes to avoid when building your website and also what goes into delivering a successful website for you and your organization.

  • The top 5 mistakes Organizations in Nairobi Make When Building Their Website
  • 9 Steps to Building an Amazing Website For Your Organization
  • The 5 Step Process To Selecting & Vetting Your Next Website Designer

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